Student Clubs

Chess Club


Begins January 30th - April 5th

Suggested Donation: $10-$15 per child

Descargue los detalles del club de ajedrez y el formulario de inscripción.

The Chess Club program is open to students 1st through 5th grade. You can bring the registration form to your teacher or the office anytime this week. If you don’t have a registration form, you can get one at the front office.

Instruction Schedule
Fridays after school from 3:40-4:40 pm
Dates: 02/01, 02/8, 02/15, 03/01, 03/08, 03/15, 03/22, 03/29, 04/05

Practice Schedule
Wednesdays before school from 8:25-8:55 am
Dates: 01/30, 02/06, 02/13, 02/27, 03/06, 03/13, 03/20, 03/27, 04/03

Classroom Rules

  • Show respect and courtesy to other youth, class staff, volunteers and other guests.
  • Use language appropriate and respectful to others.
  • Avoid any forms of bullying or any other aggressive and violent behaviors.
  • Follow other rules established by class staff.

Scholastic Tournament opportunity 

There will be a Scholastic Tournament in the month of November or December in the area of San Diego. This would be a great opportunity for the kids that know how to play chess and want to compete in the tournament (more info to come). 

Download Chess Club Details & Registration form.

Looking for Volunteers

Parents and/or family members are welcome to volunteer! You don't need to know how to play chess in order to volunteer!! Just let us know what days and times are good for you to come! 

Further questions contact
Ana Groening (760) 818-3014
or email her using the form below.

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Running Club


February 4th - April 5th

Cost: $10

Monday through Friday 8:25 am – 8:55 am

Running Club is open to students 1st through 5th grade. The goal of this running club is to motivate and inspire your children to enjoy physical fitness! Running is a lifelong sport that builds confidence and character!

It’s a productive way to take advantage of the late start schedule and get our students moving in the morning! Studies have shown that students who participate in a physical activity before school experience benefits ranging from improved health and mood to improvement with on-task behaviors, such as attentiveness and concentration.

Students participating can choose what days they would like to run. It is not mandatory that they run every day, but running club will be available every day if they so choose to participate. Meaning they can run every day or once or twice a week, etc. Also, they can run, walk, or both! The idea is to get them moving at their own pace and what feels comfortable to them. It’s meant to be fun and positive! Family members are totally welcome to stay and join their child as well if you’d like!

We will be tracking the students' laps and providing rewards at the end of each week for runners who have run at least 12 laps that week. Your child will be eligible to pick a prize out of the prize box every Friday! The top 10 performers over the 7 weeks will be rewarded with an additional prize and recognized at pride assembly as well! This running club will lead up to the 13th Annual O’side Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, November 22nd! There is an option for each age group that is distance appropriate or you can run/ walk a family 5k. This is a fun way to “Move your Feet before you Eat”! You can register your child and/ or family at

If your child is interested, please feel out the attached registration form along with $10 and return with your child back to the school!

Download and print your registration form.

Once you have filled out your form, bring it to the office along with your $10 fee.

Looking for Volunteers

If you would like to help out with Running Club in the morning, please include your contact info and what day you would like to help on the volunteer page of the registration form.

Just once a week will do. Hours are between 8:25 am to 8:55 am for 8 weeks. We will need volunteers to help set up (8:25am -8:30am), track laps (8:30am -8:50am), and record laps/ cleanup (8:50am-8:55am). Depending on your time availability you can volunteer to do one, two, or all three of these jobs during your volunteer shift.

Whatever you have to give we will take!

Further questions contact
Melissa Betz at 760-583-4581
or email her using the form below.

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